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3 Ways to Learn about Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency or Crypto for short, is one of the hottest topics trending on the Internet. Most people think of Bitcoin or Ethereum when considering any kind of crypto investment. Another coin making cryptocurrency news is XRP Ripple. While Ripple is not as expensive as Bitcoin or Ethereum, it shows a lot of promise as a utility coin. There is are different ways to make money investing in crypto, just like the stock market. You can do long term investment in hopes of capital gains or you might try crypto day trading. There are many methods and debate on what is the best crypto trading platform. Like anything, education is the key. Here are a few opportunities to consider.


Crypto Coin Rankings

Crypto Coin Rankings is a website that can be used to research Cryptocurrencies with some nice free features. The site provides information on crypto trading trends, new cryptos, and several indicators to help you make an informed decision. Premium members get access to a web based crypto trading bot and will be able to create automated systems for trading. Check it their video here for everything you get with their premium membership:



Crypto Vault

Crypto Vault is a hands on training program that stays away from Bitcoin and focuses more on smaller cryptocurrencies. The advantage is that instead of investing into an expensive crypto like Bitcoin, your entry cost is much lower with other newer cryptocurrencies. Cryptos such as Verge, Nexus, and NEM all saw massive gains in relatively short amounts of time. Check out their video here:



Crypto Ultimatum

Crypto Ultimatum is a system that utilizes crypto trading bot. A crypto trading bot is an automated system that will make trades for you with given parameters. This platform also educates you on various crypto topics and how to avoid scams. You can check out their video here:

If you are still not sure about starting your investment into cryptocurrencies after checking out these videos, check out another way on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

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