Advertising. It is part of the reason you are here. In some fashion, I have paid for an ad to get you on my subscription list and hopefully build a relationship with you to serve your interests as an Affiliate Marketer.

I have learned a tremendous amount about placing ads the hard way and about ten times more through training. I will say that time is way cheaper than money and I would highly encourage you to invest in training before whipping out a credit card to place an ad and not getting any results. As you can tell, I have been down this frustrating road. Below, I will outline some of the training programs that I have been through that have helped me be more successful today than when I first started running ads.

Hey, it had to have worked because, you are here.


The most popular social media platform has one of the most comprehensive engines to research demographics on popular topics. Facebook was one of the first ad networks I got kicked off of because I inadvertently violated their policies. This is why training is so crucial; you will avoid a lot of rookie mistakes that I made and save yourself some time and heartache.


One of the fastest growing social media platforms due to high quality photos of relevant topics. Ads can be placed from your Facebook Campaigns in photo or video format but there are some restrictions on length. It is important to know the difference between Instagram and Facebook. Check out the curriculum here.


I have to admit, I am not a huge Twitter person. I use it more organically than a paid advertising platform. There is some really great material covered in the training. I have had more focus in other networks as I am trying to master one at a time. However, this will be on my schedule within a few months. If you know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, then you know how important Twitter can be to growing your brand.


Google is king in advertising, in my opinion. You can get many more impressions and much cheaper link clicks than on Facebook. You have to experiment with titles and sub-titles so, it is important to budget for good split testing. This is basically where you run an A version against a B version of your ad. There are many techniques but sometimes flipping the headline and sub-headline is the easiest and most telling.


Google Display Network, or GDN for short, is one of the most visually appealing ad networks you can place banners and videos on. Just like Adwords, cheaper clicks and huge impressions. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you can have more text in your banners without fearing the ad being rejected.


Yes, we all hate those annoying lead-in video ads that disrupt our viewing but, that is not the only technique to display an ad on YouTube. You can target relevant content because, once again, you are leveraging Google. Video is so engaging because you add the auditory element to the visual. Add some background music and you could have a winning ad.

Native Ads

Native what? When you hear the description, you will know exactly what I am talking about. You go to a web page to read the news or latest fashion article. When you scroll to the end, you see a bunch of little boxes with different headlines displayed to you. These are Native Ads and there are multiple Native Ad networks for you to learn about. This is my next area of focus for advertising.

Landing Pages

Of course, your ads will be all but useless if you don’t have a solid landing page to capture customer information to feed into your funnel. There are many strategies and products to provide a landing page. You should be well versed in how to set them up and what their purpose is as a vehicle from someone clicking on your ad to forming a relationship with them in business.

New Way Landing Page
Look Familiar?

It is always recommended to pick a platform and master it before moving on to the next one. I would pair a platform with landing page training. Of course, you could bundle all your training and access each when you are ready.

If you have had any stories, success or horror, with running ads, please leave a comment. I would love to learn from you.


Best Success,


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