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Affiliate Marketing Is Not A Game…Or Is It?

The Intro Scene

I had a small epiphany while sitting around procrastinating about writing this blog post. You might not think affiliate marketing has much to do with gaming but, let me tell you my thoughts. The backdrop is me playing an online game on my PC. I usually only play of about a half an hour or so and I realize that time could be spent more wisely. However, playing the game is fun for me and allows me to use strategy so, that is something I enjoy about it.

The goal with a lot of games is to unlock upgrades as your character progresses through levels and gets stronger. You never start at the hardest level and usually content is locked until you master the current level and progress through the story.

I often wish my character was strongest at the start of the game but, there would be no enjoyment in playing the game, developing skills at the low levels, then using those skills later on. What you are essentially doing early in video games is training. There is lots of repetition, then adding new skills or powers, then more repetition.


The Epiphany Revealed

The really amazing thing to me is, there was never any boredom while playing games and performing so much repetition. When it comes to work tasks, I would often get bored with repetition until I found a way to automate them. So, I realized there is one important difference between the game and repetitive boring work. No, not ‘fun’. The difference is passion when it comes to achieving the goal.

When you are passionate about something, you usually find the time to put full effort into making that something come to fruition. So, I encourage you to find passion and get fully immersed into it so you can start producing results. This is usually what makes the grind fun for people and why they keep going.

Facebook Breakup and Reunion

When I first started this affiliate marketing business, I was all in. I was watching the training, setting up my website, blog, and autoresponder. Next, I created a Facebook page and started running ads to the same offer that got me started into this affiliate marketing journey.

Then, one day, Facebook started pausing my ads. I clicked to find out why my ads, that were previously approved, were now paused. When I clicked on my Facebook page, I got the bandaged thumb page not found. My page was deleted. I filed an appeal to try to find out what I did wrong and I was denied. That bad thing about the platform is, there is not someone to review you account and fix it. Really, not a lot of second chances.

I was a little deflated and started running some ads on Google Display Network. That generated a bunch of traffic but nothing substantial and I did not yield a lot of subscribers. I started having doubts, I even wanted to give up at some point while credit card debt was piling up with no sales. On top of that, I didn’t have great knowledge on how to retarget ads to that traffic and show ads again to the same people that visited my landing page.


Understanding The Game

What I discovered after taking time to watch more training (that I initially ignored). Also, I decided and to re-watch the videos covering the basics. My realization was that I was trying to start the game at the highest level. What I needed to do was perform the repetitive tasks in order to level up my game. I was trying to unlock skills without the foundation. However, there is one difference between gaming and being an affiliate marketer.

THERE IS NO CHEAT CODE TO SUCCESS! Read that last line over and over. Take it from me, there is no shortcut. Not cheat code. This is business and business takes work. Sure, you can run a successful ad and get a lot of upfront results. But, what if that ad only lasted a month? What if you learned nothing about why that ad was successful? You would never know how to scale how to repeat, or how to find more customers leveraging the same skills you mastered.

The other important thing I learned is, I am not as strong as some of the people we see all over the Internet. I am not up to their level yet so, why I am so discouraged? Just like a game, I wouldn’t go into battle with a character 4X stronger than me so, why am I worried about competing at their level? I need to focus on my level and how I will get stronger and better.

Affiliate Marketing Game


So, in a way, affiliate marketing can be like a game. You have to repeat a lot to build skills and advance to the next level. However, the affiliate marketing game is set to the most difficult level and if you fail, sometimes you have to start all the way back at the beginning.

One thing you might be thinking is, there are game guides with loads of strategies that I can read up on prior to starting the game. I agree with you 100%. There is very little risk in buying a $60 game and playing for hours without a guide and all you have done is waste a little time and money. But, would you invest $2000 and months of your time without buying ‘The Guide’ to affiliate marketing? I hope not. What would you pay for that guide? What if all you had to do was cover a small shipping and handling cost to get it? Would you invest that much in yourself? If not, you are not ready for this game.

Some advice if you are not ready; go join my list located on this page in the sidebar if you are on a computer or the bottom if you are on mobile. There is no risk and you can unsubscribe at any time and we will still be friends. If you are ready, click here to get the book and I look forward to seeing you become a success as you pursue your dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Is Not A Game…Or Is It?”

  1. Het Jason, thanks for this article. I can so readily identify with both your gaming and your marketing experiences.

    Another similarity between the marketing world and the gaming world is the chance to ‘try again’. Once you die ina game, you can reset and start again… much like online marketing. I have ‘died’ a few times, like you, losing my Facebook account… but the great thing is that you can simply pick up and start again, and next time, overcome that obstacle. I see you have a link to the Iceberg Effect book…. I found this to be a really helpful book, full of great tips and advice, though for me personally, it was all the extra training videos that came with it that I found most helpful. All the best.

  2. Hi Jason, this was a very interesting post. I can’t say I understand anything about online gaming – it’s not something that rattles my cage, I’m afraid – but I did enjoy the epiphany moment.

    I’ve had similar instances when some mundane, everyday task or experience suddenly throws up a comparison with my business activity. I’ve also, rather bizarrely, had it happen in a dream and have had to get up in the middle of the night and go in search of pen and paper to make a note, knowing I would’ve forgotten it by morning!

    I, too, have read The Iceberg Effect by Dean Holland, and was so impressed that I gave another copy of it as a gift to my son – another aspiring entrepreneur!

    Looking forward to more insights from you in the future 😉

    1. Thank you for sharing. When I look back at my IT career of 20+ years, I can see how the experience has leveled me up to an expert, I have mastered certain aspects of being an IT Professional. Affiliate Marketing is a new game. It requires new skills, practice, and a different mindset. Thankfully, we have The Iceberg Effect to show us the tools and techniques to level up our game.

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