The Iceberg Effect

From Unemployment to Isolation

Bad News After A Great Day

February 28, 2020. That is the day I was told would be my last day of work after nine years with a Fortune 100 company. It was the Monday after the Super Bowl. I was on a personal high because I hosted this year for the first time in our new neighborhood. Different neighbors we have come to know take a holiday and host a party. My good friend hosts Halloween, another Independence Day, and so on. I got the Super Bowl because one of the neighbors who had the party said he would rather do something in the summer so asked it I wanted it. There is an unwritten rule about hosting a party when another person in the neighborhood has it as their tradition, you don’t do it. No problem, we are the newbies.

The party was great. I had smoked Beef Brisket burnt ends and pulled pork. There was enough food to feed two parties. The game was great and people had a wonderful time. Most people leave at half time to get their kids to bed for school on Monday. The remainder did not stay long after the game was over. We got everything cleaned up in record time and actually went to bed earlier. That evening, I decided to work from home the next day just so I could sleep in a little but I wasn’t hungover. I only drank a little bit and just didn’t want to deal with ironing clothes and traffic.


The Reality

When I got up and poured a cup of coffee, I logged into my laptop to find a mandatory meeting request from my manager with an HR representative as an attendee. My heart sunk to my stomach. This was it. I knew I was being let go. There had been talks of moving all the corporate IT employees to hub locations, the closest one to me was Cincinnati, four hours away from my new home, which I had only lived in for about a year. It doesn’t make sense because I supported remote sites my entire career there.

The only thing it made sense for was the bottom line. Someone knew that a ton of IT people would not want to pick up and move. That would easily account for a lot of salary and benefits not paid. The average age of the entire group was 55. That has nothing to do with any discrimination, if that is what you are thinking. It has everything to do with where people are in their career and the kind of money they would be making.

So, I was cast out with a couple months salary for a severance. They did give me some awesome resources to leverage for finding a new job. I got a resume and LinkedIn review as well. Cool stuff for marketing your personal brand. I am still working full time while I try to get this business going so, I have to find another job until I can make a steady income. I was well on my way to another job as my phone interviews were going great until Covid-19 hit America.

Hello Coronavirus

In Ohio, families were told to shut down schools and businesses and stay at home before the rest of the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Isolate. All non-essential businesses shut down so you can’t really go anywhere or do much of anything. The only thing that stresses me at this point was not being able to get a job due to hiring freeze until this virus blows over.

So, I did what any entrepreneur would do. I started working on my online business. Fixing my web site. Writing a blog post. Reviewing my ad strategy and reading books that I have piled up. As an affiliate marketer, I have had some success but I have also had some trials that did not fair well. I keep educating myself. Learning more and more every day. That is what I have been doing to pass the time. No excuses, heads down work.


A Great Feeling During A Difficult Time

In February, I had a trip planned to go to the United Kingdom. Even though I was going to lose my job, I contemplated canceling the trip and getting any money I invested back to conserve. I decided to go. I was fill with excitement and was looking forward to the event, which was put on by Dean Holland and internet Profits. Well, due to inclement weather, my flight to Chicago was delayed passed my layover to London. All other flights would have put me their too late as the event would have been in progress.

I reached out to the team with the unfortunate news and begged to have the event recorded as I would trade the recordings and not request a refund. To my delight, Dean agreed to give me the recordings when they were edited and available because I paid for the event. I thought this was very upstanding and it really showed me how Dean and Internet Profits was a real business that cared for me as a partner. I am excited to share their offering with you. He came out with a new book called the Iceberg Effect, something that was not available when I first started this affiliate marketing program. The Iceberg Effect is a great, short read and is packed full of strategy and structure for areas to focus on. The message in the videos from the seminar echos the book and is consistent.

Dean is giving this book away. I hope you grab a copy and join me on this journey.

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