Roller Coaster

My Journey in Affiliate Marketing

Greetings everyone. I hope this blog post finds you well.Roller Coaster I am more than one week into my first venture into affiliate marketing. If I had to describe it in one word it would be; roller coaster. Sounds a little cliché, but, I can explain from my own experience. It won’t be the same old ups and downs story, believe me.


Care Free and Enjoying Life

When I was a young sixteen-year-old kid, I loved going to an amusement park called Cedar Point. Their tag line was “America’s Roller Coast.” Many times, they broke records with the tallest or fastest attraction time after time. My favorite was their new tallest steel coaster, The Magnum XL-200. It stood alone in the skyline as we approached the park at 205 feet tall. Today, that might be considered a kiddie ride. I remember me and some friends wanting to go repeatedly on the ride but it was so popular, you had to wait almost two hours to get on. There were days we would go and the lines were at a minimum and we go repeatedly one after another to get our money’s worth.

Flash forward to my thirties. I am married and working a full-time job in a young Information Technology career at Hyland Software. It was a great place to work and very unique for the Cleveland area. They replicated the Google culture as much as a young company could. Very fun place to work. So fun, that the company took its employees to Cedar Point for its corporate picnic. What a great perk, I thought to myself. This was going to be the best picnic ever.


Things Changed Since I was Sixteen

I was so excited to go to Cedar Point. It had been years and I anticipated going on all the rides with my wife. It was going to be great. We hit The Raptor, Magnum XL, and my old favorite, the Magnum XL-200. It was slightly after going on a few rights that I noticed my equilibrium was a little off. I felt dizzy and queasy. Uh oh, I thought to myself. I got old. I can’t take these rides like I used to. I ended up getting some Dramamine and enjoyed the rest of the day but that incident really stuck with me.

Much like life and career, we are very care free at the age of sixteen. We grow up, get a job, get married and all of the sudden, we are responsible for other lives. We gain new fears based on experiences and changes in life. As my children are getting older, they are now gaining interest in riding the roller coasters. I have a new set of fears as I worry if they will be safe or, will I be the dad that vomits and totally embarrasses his family.

The experience I had at Cedar Point that day is completely relatable to starting a new affiliate marketing business. There are many worries to taking a risk like this. There are now more lives to worry about. Will the income be there? Will I make it? Will I have to continue to work for someone else and be trapped in the rat race? It is a roller coaster of emotion but, the odds are in the favor of those who commit and work hard to make it happen. There is also a tremendous amount of excitement for the system that I discovered. What a thrill ride it has been so far. I hope to see you take a ride soon and please leave some comments below if you want to discuss or have any questions.




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