That is usually the last thing a telemarketer hears before the click sound of a disconnected call. It’s amazing to see the influence and conditioning that telemarketers and customer service representatives have on customers. What I mean is, how they have conditioned us to say no. They know we are going to say no and that is why they do not put their best offer forward first. They sweeten the pot.

Just go cancel a magazine subscription with a customer service representative. I did this with AT&T U-Verse and suddenly, the price starts coming down or upgrades are added. Say no, and another magical offer comes along. Say no to the first offer a telemarketer gives you. The offer gets better in hopes to lure you in to a yes.

No wonder online marketers and sales people have so much trouble closing with an incredible offer. We are fighting years of conditioning of getting a better offer. Then, by some miracle the offer is too good to pass up even if you don’t really trust the person.

Which brings me to the most important thing in selling anything. Establishing trust and keeping it. Zig Zigler claimed that he was in the business of serving others. Not a salesman, not selling but, serving others. Helping them get what they want even when they didn’t know what they wanted. That takes a great deal of trust.

I have a confession for you. I did not subscribe to Dean Holland the first time I saw his offers on Facebook. When I did get the free download. I barely got to his emails. But, I started seeing more of Dean on the Internet. Then, one day, I saw an offer from ClickFunnels. Inside the offer was a book that had a bunch of stories from Internet marketers. One was Dean Holland. At that moment, he had my trust. I saw him in a different light because he was endorsed by a marketing icon, Russel Brunson. The next time I saw his ad, I went for it. Then I took the order bump, then the upsell. I didn’t go any further until I completed the course I purchased for $47. Then, I made the jump. I purchased the high ticket offer and that is how we are both here today.

You need to establish trust if you are going to make it in marketing. It is part of brand building. To get your foot in the door, you have to have an irresistible offer. That is why most offer an ethical bribe in exchange for your email. I give you something for free or sometimes free shipping, like this book, and then you join an email list like the one you are currently on. I send emails and stories and hope to build a relationship with all my subscribers. I want the best success, not only for myself, but for anyone who decides they will take the plunge with me. That is what attracted me to Dean Holland. He is the same. He will be a guide and he will hold you accountable. You could not ask for a better partner.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and I welcome comments or questions below. Until next time.


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