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The First Sale

Well friends, I finally did it! I got my first sale as an affiliate marketer. The feeling is great. I am optimistic and I feel like for the first time, I have cracked the code to this Internet Marketing business. As I have mentioned in another blog post, there is a sort of roller coaster ride you take when starting a business. You have ups and downs (and clichés wearing on your mind). It is just the nature of things. Lots of progress, then you are halted and you get the wind knocked out of your sales.

I had recently got my Facebook page deleted by running some ads. Apparently, there were some words I used in my ad image that made it seem misleading. Well, I got really down about that. But as the saying goes, if things are too good to be true, they probably are. The great news is, I found out in a coaching session from my friend, Dean Holland, that he even gets ads shut down at times. New words in the ad copy get flagged all the time.

Is it OK that Facebook can just delete your page? Apparently, it is and people just accept the fact that from Facebook’s point of view, they are protecting their users. I think that was the most interesting perspective I could find. I, as an advertiser and affiliate marketer, am merely a guest on Facebook. If I am disruptive or offend someone, I will be kicked out. Just like a party or concert, one person cannot compromise everyone else. I did nothing malicious, it was just the learning curve and now I am more educated and stronger.I switched my strategy to Google Display Network and it has paid off. I learned so much and I have gotten better results than I did with Facebook ads. I will probably do some ads again in Facebook but, I am focusing my energy and trying to master Google for the time being.

Back to my first sale. I have made great strides and I have started building a list of engaged people. I hope you see my emails and click on the links. I hope even more that the content is relevant to your personal entrepreneurial goals. I am not here to sell some bullshit you. I am here to grow my business and bring others up with me. That is real purpose. If you were given all the money in the world and you did everything on your bucket list, could travel, buy shiny new things, and when all those desires are fulfilled, what now? I hope you have thought about your purpose beyond money and success.

The reason this system works is because of you. You clicked on an ad, you subscribed to free content. Some of you have made additional purchases and that is this is all about. You can do what I am doing right now.

How do I know? Because, chances are, you are like me. Nobody is willing to listen to your input or people think your ideas are crazy. But you know, there has to be likeminded people. THERE ARE! Chances are, you have had an idea to take off a random work day to go to some type of event or maybe thought if I go to this place at a certain time, it wouldn’t be so crowded. Only to find there a zillion people who had the same idea as you. These are likeminded thinkers. They are out there and they want to hear your ideas.

I want you to step out of your comfort zone and learn more in this free book if you haven’t already grabbed it. Inside, you will learn what I did to make all of this happen. Take a look at where the page takes you, that is what I did. Then I went a step further, and a step further, and I made a big plunge. It is paying off, friends. I have tremendous support and mentors that guided me to my first win. I hope you take the first step today.

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2 thoughts on “The First Sale”

  1. Really great information here thanks for sharing and I’ve just got the book two thumbs up from me.
    What’s been the biggest challenge for you when building a business online and what steps do you suggest someone can take to get started

    1. Great question. I believe the biggest challenge is habit. Working a full time job and then trying to work a side hustle to future full time business presents several challenges.

      1. As a parent, I have to get kids to activities, make sure everyone is fed, exercise, and make sure homework is done.
      2. Find the energy when everyone goes to bed to keep plugging away. But hey, if I can earn a degree after hours, I can do this.
      3. Convincing your spouse that some weekend time should be spent on the business while the list of projects around the house piles up.
      4. Also, how do you balance family leisure time into all of this?

      I think the best thing to do is to keep communication open about when you want to get work done and work it in to the chaotic schedule you might have. Treat working on the business as an item to be scheduled. If you make time to go out with friends or watch TV, make time to get something done. A half-hour a day is better than nothing a day. That is my advice. I hope it helps

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