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How Fishing & Comedy Are Like Affiliate Marketing

We All Fish In The Same Pond

As I look at the landscape of affiliate marketing I have visions of going fishing. As affiliate marketing professionals, we all fish in the same pond. But, we do fish in different parts of the pond because we are targeting different audiences. We are trying to land the big catch and provide for our families. We work, at times it seems tirelessly, to sometimes end up with nothing. Like a fisherman, we use different hooks, lures, and techniques to attract customers. How and where we fish ultimately determine the outcome of our success. It’s a big pond and their are plenty of fish my friends.

The first time I saw the fishing analogy was at a weekend seminar. He was a well dressed man that told a story about taking his family fishing. They would go off the bank of a lake and not catch much. He saw a fisherman pulling in with his boat loaded with fish and asked him his secrets. The master fisherman stated that he would teach my trainer for a price. My trainer accepted and paid the fee. The fisherman talked about getting a boat, various equipment, and how to use different colored lures during sunny and overcast days.

This story was meant for one purpose; to upsell me to the next level of knowledge so that I could catch more fish. I didn’t buy it. Instead, I traded time and learned the hard way for a while. The story was a great analogy and really effected to people in the room. The reason was, in person communication. Written text is often difficult to communicate your point. In my various leadership training classes throughout the years, I learned that we lose 97% of our communication in emails. communication that includes vocal fluctuation, facial expressions, and body language.


Work The Ads Like You Would Work The Room

What I realized at this seminar was, I am not going from paying $2,000 for the weekend to then pay $25,000 for the real information. That may be a great idea for somebody but, not me. I did learn a lot about pitching that weekend. It was worked in several times. When it comes to running ads or posting content, we have to keep the message consistent and constant. My trainer did not tell that story then ask the class if they wanted to upgrade, then call it a weekend. No, he kept pitching several times throughout the weekend with other similar stories. Not all the stories were about him but, they all had to do with investing more money to get results.

This is the equivalent of retargeting with running ads in the Internet marketing world. Running an ad and expecting a sale for the first time is like knowing nothing about fishing, buying equipment, and expecting to catch a fish. Sure, we can be successful our first go around but, did we learn anything for next time. Did you know that on average, only 2% of ads convert the first time they are displayed? Affiliate Marketers need to develop a strategy to keep targeting people who visited their pages but did not buy. Does a fisherman cast a line one time and then quit? No, they cast several times, try several lures, until they learn what works on a consistent basis.

The Joke Of It All

Affiliate marketing professionals sometimes get discouraged because there are so many people selling the same things. But, I can tell you that there are many sales people selling many things. Some do well, most do mediocre. For example, my wife sells a line of skin care products from a highly reputable company. She does well enough to make some extra money but, she is not doing the same outstanding volume as another lady in her circle. They both sell to the same audience but, they don’t get the same results.

Picture this scene. You are at a party laughing and joking around with friends. You think of something clever to say and only one person hears it and then repeats it. The other friends in the circle immediately burst out in laughter slapping that person on the back as if they came up with the joke. You get no credit whatsoever. They look like the funniest comedian and you get no credit for the joke. The tragic reason is timing and delivery. Same audience, different result.

The Iceberg Effect

Just like two affiliate marketing professionals running ads to an audience that follows Russell Brunson or Robert Kiyosaki. One affiliate might be crushing it and doing ten times better than the other. The reason could simply be the way they are talking to the audience or what they are saying specifically that resonates more. Look at a comedy night featuring multiple comedians throughout the night. Have you ever noticed that some get a good amount of laughs but some just bring the house down? It really just comes down to their style matching the audience that night. The next night, those same comedians might have different results with a different crowd. A comedian has to have a short memory of a bad night and learn to adapt to an audience. When one style doesn’t work, change it up.

Marketing is about adaptation as well. We all compete in the same space but, someone might pick up where others left off. If I have someone at the same level as me running ads. They retarget a person, let’s say they hit them six times, but they still don’t get any clicks or conversions. Now, I run an ad and my targeted audience just so happens to overlap with people they are retargeting. It could be the seventh time they saw an ad for the same product that put them over the edge and they had to buy.


There is no perfect answer on who to target in when selling products as an affiliate marketer. That is why nobody will give exact age, gender, and interest demographics. They will tell you to find people like you with common interests. Why did you buy what you bought? Create messaging that resonates with others like you.

Your audience of like minded people is out there. Think about it. You make a plan to go someplace due to the weather thinking it won’t be that crowded on a day like today. Upon arrival, you see your destination is packed with people. Those are your like minded people. They thought the same as you so, don’t believe you are unique when it comes to interests. If you are interested in learning more about how to create a sustainable affiliate marketing business, I suggest you pick up a free copy of The Iceberg Effect.

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1 thought on “How Fishing & Comedy Are Like Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hey Jason

    I just wanted to drop by and having read this post thought I’d leave a quick comment.

    Reading this I can tell you’ve had a “Aha – moment” and connected a few dots 🙂

    Love the analogy and perspective.

    You are absolutely right too!

    With millions of people to target with your marketing, you can ALWAYS bring something unique and different to that which others bring… Some will connect with you, others will not…

    The goal is not to attract and target everyone… but instead to attract those that connect with you and your message.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Dean Holland

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