Reduction in Force

Why Am I Doing This?

I Hate Traffic

My preference for traffic has changed. I am in a situation where I can’t leave early for work because I have to take my kids to school. It is a private school and there is no busing from my district. The biggest thing I dread every morning is sharing the road with other rats in the race (like me) trying to get to their 9 to 5 jobs. The rude, ridiculous jerks who somehow believe getting to their jobs before me are going to make them more successful by getting their first. OK, I am slightly jaded but annoyed daily. I have to laugh at them because I would cry if I didn’t. Even if their bosses are strict and they have to be there at a certain time, I can almost guarantee the hypocritical practice of these same bosses will not have these employees being criticized for staying a few minutes late. Whatever, I just want to get out of that situation.


I want to be able to drop my kids off at school and head back home to drive a different kind of traffic. Internet traffic. I want to go home and work on a business that I have total control over, one where I can make money and not have to deal with every day corporate America. The average work day has become so cliche that I cannot stand to face it anymore. I love the idea of being able to go back to my kids’ school for events or to volunteer during a typical work day without having to take time off or let a boss know. I would just go for an hour or so, then if needed, get back to work when I get home. That is the lifestyle I want. Earning money on my terms while being a Mr. Mom or Room Dad, whatever, you get the point.


Another reason for my entrepreneurial aspirations is, I am facing a situation where I can lose my job to a ‘flattening’ of the organization. It’s funny because, the flattening never happens with executives at the top. They use these terms like ‘Reduction In Force’ or RIF to justify paying bonuses to failing executives and dividends to shareholders. Funny, I never saw any of that in the ethics and integrity training. 


Career and Life Changes

My goal is to not only be generate wealth and have my own business but, to teach others how to do the same. I am fine with those who want to go to work for someone else. Maybe they will work for me one day. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, I get that and respect it. I myself did the same thing for twenty years. Now I am venturing into Internet Marketing as launch pad for a much bigger enterprise that I will blog about more later.


Internet Marketing is exciting because there is so much to learn and grow into. There are several paths to take and while I am nervous stepping out of my comfort zone, I am thrilled with the opportunities to be my own boss.


After spending twenty years and an Information Technology (IT) Professional, I had to realize that I started somewhere. I went to a vocational program that taught network technologies. I had one course in Windows NT Server 4.0. I had all the basic TCP/IP and HTML courses but the courses were merely a primer. Then, I got my first job and then boom, the real learning set in. There was no Google or Bing back then, we had AltaVista and Lycos, which had very little results on How To articles and forums. Microsoft TechNet was the only savior but, I learned through trial and error. That is what made things stick. That is where the real learning happens and I am grateful for those times.


At times, I find myself getting frustrated trying to create the perfect ad. Whether it is copy writing or targeting the right audience, it is still very new to me. Just like my first days in IT. To add to that, I now have a family to feed and clothe so the risk and fear is very real. However, I also have resolve and a will to succeed and without those traits, I don’t believe anyone will survive in business. Another trait I will touch on is humility. It is the only defense against humiliation and sometimes the only saving grace to those who are empathetic to your cause. We have to foster humility within ourselves to truly connect with ourselves and those we do partner with. I wish you much success on your journey. You got this.





P.S. If you have a similar experience or have a comment, please share below and thank you for taking the time to read.

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